Grasscycling Mow and Go 

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What is Grasscycling?

The short answer - grasscycling saves time, reduces waste and leads to a deeper, healthier root system that increases your lawn’s resistance to disease, drought and insects.

Grasscycling is simple and easy—and it’s good for the environment. It simply means leaving grass clippings to fall on the lawn when it is mowed instead of collecting the clippings and placing them in kraft paper bags or open rigid walled containers for curbside collection.

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Why Grasscycle?

  • Saves time.
  • Feeds your lawn.
  • Protects the environment.
  • Reduces cost to maintain lawn.

How to Start Grasscycling?

  • Sharpen mower blades at least once a year.
  • Make sure the grass is dry.
  • Mow when the grass needs cutting.
  • Set the mower blade height to 3 inches.
  • Never cut more than one-third of the length of the blade of grass at any one time.
  • Cut lawn before grass reaches 4 inches tall.
  • Consider using a mulching mower.
  • If you use a lawn service company, ask them to grasscycle your grass clippings.

Know the Facts

  • Grasscycling does not cause thatch, which is primarily due to improper watering and fertilization.
  • Grasscycling does not promote lawn disease, which is mostly caused by improper cutting and watering.