Notices and Local Rules 

The Housing Services Act 2011 allows Service Managers flexibility to establish local policies to accommodate local needs and priorities.  City of Brantford, Housing Services, acts as Service Manager on behalf of City of Brantford and County of  Brant.  All local policies established by us are communicated to Social Housing Providers through a notice.  The top right-hand corner of the notice indicates whether the policy is mandatory under the Housing Services Act 2011 or is for information purposes only. 

Social Housing Providers are required to amend their policies/procedures in accordance with mandatory notices if they are not already in compliance. 

We recommend that all notices be kept in a binder for future reference by staff, auditors, board members, tenant/members and other interested parties. 

If you have any questions regarding any of the notices, contact Kevin O'Hara, Manager of  Housing Programs, at 519-759-3330, Ext. 6307. 


15-04  MicroFit Energy Program - Accounting of Revenues/Expenses

16-01  Heat/Cold Advisory Protocols

16-02  New Co-op Eviction System & New Occupancy By-Law

LBT Brochure:  Information for New Tenants

Local Rules:

16-01  Occupancy Standards

16-02  Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) Transfer

HSA Notices:

HSA 15-01  Housing Provider Training & Succession Plans

HSA 15-02  Housing Provider Minimum Number of Board Meetings

HSA 16-01  Conflict of Interest

HSA 16-02  Remuneration of Directors

HSA 16-03  Housing Provider Appeal Committee Requirements

HSA 16-04  Ineligibility Due to Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) Fraud

HSA 16-05  Temporary/Permanent Removal from Waiting List

HSA 16-06  Applicant Eligibility Review

HSA 16-07  Housing Provider Multi-Year Financial Plans

HSA 16-08  Refusal of Offers

HSA 16-09  Absence from Unit

HSA 16-10  Local Priority Groups

HSA 16-11  Notification of Household Changes

HSA 16-12  Tenancy/Occupancy Agreements

HSA 16-13  Application Ranking Date

HSA 16-14  Information to Public

HSA 16-15  Revised Rent-Geared-to-Income Application for Affordable Housing

HSA 16-16  Timelines for Processing Applications

HSA 16-18  Occupancy Standards

HSA 16-19  Pursuit of Income

HSA 16-20  Transfer within Service Area

HSA 16-22  Waiting List Selection System

HSA 16-23  Rent Increases of Less than $10

HSA 16-24  Market to RGI Local Rule

HSA 16-25  Regulatory Amendments

HSA 16-26  Property Management Standards

HSA 16-27  Operational Reviews

HSA 16-28  Annual Information Return Penalties

HSA 16-29  Information from Housing Providers for Subsidy Estimates

HSA 16-30  Damage Arrears

HSA 16-31  Housing Provider Refusal to Offer

HSA 16-32  Notice of Certain Decisions

HSA 18-01  Regulatory Amendments to the Special Priority Policy under Ontario Regulation 367/11 of the Housing Services Act, 2011

HSA 18-02   Housing Services Act 2011 - Ontario Basic Income Pilot