The Brantford-Brant Housing Stability Plan 2014-2024 


Brantford-Brant’s Housing Stability Plan 2014-2024 will build on the Ontario government’s Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy which aims to improve Ontarian's access to adequate, suitable and affordable housing, and provide a solid foundation on which to secure employment, raise families and build strong communities. Click here for information on the Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy.

The Brantford-Brant Housing Stability Plan (2014-2024) will guide a housing and homelessness vision that incorporates solutions and initiatives to a range of housing options and supports, with a focus on dignity, pride in community and self-sufficiency over the next decade.  This vision incorporates five key focus areas that will guide the implementation of the Plan.

The 10 Year Plan creates a long term community vision, opportunities for enhanced partnerships, shared goals and agreed upon priorities and strategies to promote housing stability along the continuum of housing and homelessness services. 

The Plan includes 53 Housing and Homelessness Recommendations. The Steering Committee and Project Committee members identified 25 of these as priority recommendations to be completed between 2014-2018.  A comprehensive 5 Year Implementation Plan has been developed including actions required and measurable outcomes.  A Fast Fact sheet provides a quick glance at Brantford-Brant demographics, key points of the Plan, important housing information, contextual data and a visual diagram of the local Housing Continuum. 

Every year we will provide an Annual Progress Report on the recommendations.  Click here to view the Annual Progress Report. 

It is anticipated that the next 10 years will be both rewarding and challenging.  Meeting the needs of individuals and families across the housing continuum, coupled with aging housing stock, changing demographics and limited financial resources will present as barriers.  However, Housing Services staff are committed to work through these challenges in an effort to provide safe, affordable, suitable housing for the residents of the City of Brantford and the County of Brant. 

Thank you!

We would like to acknowledge the time and effort of all those who provided input to the Plan either by completing the survey, attending an information session, conducting an interview with someone who is homeless or is at risk of being homeless, particpating on a committee, or writing the document.  The combination of information gathering, analyzing data, research, time, energy and perserverance resulted in a document that will evolve and work towards long term solutions.

For more information on the Plan, contact Housing Services Department at 519-759-3330. 



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