Affordable Housing 

Created by the Federal and Provincial governments, the Affordable Housing program is intended to increase rental stock that meet the housing needs of our community.  Funding is also offered to developers to offset capital costs.

Defining Affordable Housing:

The City of Brantford defines housing as affordable when it meets the needs of households earning less than $41,677 per year and whose rent costs do not exceed 30% of gross monthly income.

What We Do:

The role of the City is to make available a range of housing options for those in need of temporary or permanent housing.  A range of housing options is a sign of a healthy city and is essential for economic growth and prosperity.  It is an important part of our social and economic infrastructure. 

Affordable housing creates another type of housing for residents and comes in all forms - apartments, townhouses, single detached homes). 

We all have  a responsibility to ensure our communities have a range of housing choices.  By educating yourself on the issues and by supporting affordable housing development in our community, you will contribute to the vision of Brantford being a "proud, vibrant, progressive....a GRAND community for living, learning, working and playing." 

Since 2006, 438 new affordable rentals units in the City of Brantford and County of Brant have been created for a total of 18 projects.  

Who Do We Help?

Depending on the size of the unit, typically those earning between $11.00 - $22.00 per hour occupy affordable housing units. 

What We Know:

  • Our population is 90,192 (based on Statistics Canada 2006 Census) and has increased 8% over the past nine years.  Based on population growth forecasts we need to build approximately 180 units per year. 
  • Median household income is $52,330
  • We need to create one and two bedroom units in the City and two and three bedroom units in the County.
  • Government funding is needed to build these units because it costs too much for the developers.  In fact, without government funding, it's very unlikely rental units will be built.
  • Those who live in safe, stable homes are happier, more likely to sustain a job, children are more likely to do better in school, etc.
  • Everyone deserves a place to call home.
  • Affordable housing projects contribute to improving neighbourhoods.
  • We desire to avoid urban sprawl and therefore we need to maximize infill sites, or remedy brownfield sites.