Local Child Care Plan 

The Corporation of the City of Brantford Children's Services is responsible for developing a local child care plan with community partners to ensure an integreated approach to community services for children. The plan provides detailed information on programs, services and current issues impacting on the community.

The Plan also relates to the four prescribed Children's Services.

  • Fee Subsidy: To provide financial assistance towards child care costs
  • Wage Subsidy: Funding to enhance salaries and benefits for staff of day nurseries, private home daycare agencies, resource centres and special needs resourcing.
  • Special Needs Resourcing: This program provides supports to children with special needs in licensed child care programs and
  • Resource Centres: Provides supports to parents and caregivers including lending libraries, care giver education, drop in's and play group

The purpose of the plan is to act as a guide to ensure limited child care dollars are allocated to address gaps or pressure points in services identified through a process of community consultation.

The local child care plan is reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

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