Safety & Traffic Studies 

The Transportation Services Department liase with Brantford Police, School Boards, Brant County Health Unit and Railway authorities to improve safety and efficiency of the transportation system for all road users. This includes the following areas:

Safety Improvements Studies target those locations where traffic collision rates are higher than usual by recommending modifying signing, signal timing, pavement marking or physical changes to the roadway. These are generally low cost changes that can greatly reduce collisions. There are approximately 40 safety improvement studies conducted each year.

Operational Studies dealing with operational concerns such as regulatory and warning signs, intersection control, parking control and sight distance hazards. These issues are usually identified by City staff or though consultation with the public, Brantford Police or other organizations within the City. The City conducts approximately 100 operational studies each year.

Turning movement, classification and automated Traffic Counts are carried out extensively through the year. This information influences operational and capital programs and projects including traffic control installation warrants, speed zoning, safety and operational studies. Each year the City carries out approximately 120 intersection counts and 50 automatic traffic counts (including speed and/or classification).

Collision Statistics are maintained in a database by the Transportation Services Staff, who release a Collision Statistic Report annually, which identifies the locations of the highest number of collisions, number of injuries and fatalities and contributing factors.

Speed Zone Studies are used in setting the speed limit, which is one of the transportation ‘tools’ that can be used to obtain the transportation service for a given set of road conditions. However, without the co-operation of motorists, speed limits are not effective. These reviews consider all road users including cyclists, pedestrians and local residents to provide an appropriate and safe speed. The City conducts some 45 reviews each year and City Council must approve recommended changes to the speed limit.

Traffic Signals and/or stop control requests are investigated by Transportation Services staff using traffic volumes, collision statistics and compared to the warrants that have been approved by City Council. The City’s policy dictates the locations meeting 100% of its criteria be recommended for signal installation or stop control.

Street Lighting requests are investigated by the staff of Transportation Services on the basis of safety, ambient lighting levels and land uses. If street lighting is required or replacement is warranted, a work order is submitted to Brantford Power who installs and maintain the street lighting.

Condition Surveys of Transportation Infrastructure is carried out each year by Transportation Services staff on the almost 1000 lane kilometres of roadways in the City. This survey identifies the condition of the pavement, sidewalks, signs and other street furniture and work orders are prepared to address any deficiencies.