Please connect with us at:

Brantford Transit

64 Darling Street, Brantford, Ontario N3T 6G6
Phone: 519-753-3847, Fax: 519-750-0491

Automated Telephone Lines

Please press 1 for the Brantford Transit Terminal Office

Please press 2 for Greyhound Services

Please press 3 for Holiday Hours and Hours of Operation

If you have a rotary dial phone, please wait on the line to be transferred to an operator.

Brantford Transit Staff

Transit Operations Manager - Elisabeth van der Made 519-752-4444

Transit Inspector currently on duty - ext. 519-753-3847 ext. 0

Charters and Rentals

For charter rates and details, please contact Brantford Transit directly, at 519-753-3847.

Hourly rate: $110.00

Brantford Transit Lost and Found

Lost and found items can be placed or retrieved from inside the transit office, located at 64 Darling Street.

Bus Advertising

Advertising with Brantford Transit allows you to deliver your message to various areas of our City, targeting several different audiences. Brantford Transit buses travel in residential areas, shopping destinations and the city’s business districts.

For advertising information please contact:

Streetseen Media

Chris Ottman, E-mail:
48 Easton Road, Brantford, Ontario, N3P 1J5
1-519-752-2421 ext. 225 or 1-800-957-7336, Fax 1-519-752-1004

Brantford Lift

Services for Persons with Disabilities
Phone: 519-752-4444