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Winter Priority Map

2017-2018 Winter Priority Map

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Windrow Removal Program for Seniors and Persons with a Physical Disability

In December of 2008, City Council implemented the Snow Windrow Removal Program for seniors and persons with a physical disability. Windrows are the accumulation of snow that is created by the snow plow when the roadway is plowed following a snow event. Due to the inherent way snow plowing activity is initiated in the Green routes, it is possible that the resultant windrows do not always create a mobility barrier for vehicles. As a result of this fact, the windrow removal program will only be activated if snow windrows are ten centimetres (four inches) in height or greater, or if not to that height, only at the discretion of the Director of Operational Services or designate.

Registration guidelines for the program are advertised in the Brantford Expositor in early November and early December of each year.

The application for participation in this program is provided below the convenience of those that qualify.

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