Roads & Sidewalk Maintenance 

The City of Brantford’s Public Works Commission maintains:

  • roads, curbs and shoulders
  • sidewalks
  • utility cuts

Public Works Commission is located at City Hall, 100 Wellington Square and can be reached by phone at 519-759-4150. Office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday. 

Catch Basins

Catch basins (also known as storm drains) are a vital part of flood control. They drain water off sidewalks, streets and roads into our storm water system. The City keeps catch basins and gutters clear with its regular street sweeping program. If you hear the street sweeper on your street, please move your vehicles off the street.

Adopt a Catch Basin

  • In the summer and fall, clear leaves, branches and sticks from the catch basin and put them out for your regular curbside collection.
  • In the winter and spring, clear snow and ice from the catch basins.
  • Clean up any garbage and recycling that is blowing around the area.
  • Contact the City if you see damaged grates.
  • If you notice that a catch basin is clogged, clear away the debris to avoid flooding. If you can’t do it yourself, or if the catch basin is submerged, contact operational services at 519-752-4832 or send us a service request through
  • By not tossing garbage, household chemicals and cleaner, or used motor oil into the catch basin, you can help prevent flooding and also protect our waterways.

If catch basins get clogged by leaves, trash or other debris – even snow and ice – flooding may result or other dangerous conditions may occur. This type of flooding can cause significant problems so the City and the Province of Ontario prohibit people from putting debris and snow and ice onto roadways. (The City of Brantford Municipal Code is a PDF document and will require the Adobe PDF Reader Plugin. The following links will open in a new browser window: City of Brantford Municipal Code, Chapter 442, Article 2 and Chapter 614, Article 9, and Province of Ontario Highway Traffic Act, Sections 180 and 181. )

Grass clippings, leaves and yard clippings that are repeatedly swept into gutters and catch basins can create clogs, causing flooding and becoming a potential breeding ground for rodents and insects. Residents can reduce flooding in their neighbourhoods by keeping material out of the storm water system and cleaning debris from gutters and around the catch basins when performing landscape maintenance.

Street Sweeping Program

Street sweeping in Brantford takes place in spring, summer and fall. The street sweeping program removes winter sanding materials, leaves and debris that have accumulated on roads and along major sidewalks and boulevards.

Street sweeping can only take place when the weather cooperates. Fall street sweeping is tricky since there are lots of leaves down and wet and freezing weather means that the street sweepers aren’t sent out because street sweeping equipment isn’t effective in those weather conditions. Help do your part by raking up leaves in your yard and along your gutters. Bag the leaves and put them out for collection on your scheduled curbside collection day.

To avoid missing debris on the street, the street sweeping routes are planned so that area street sweeping isn’t on the same days as curbside collection days. That means that the street sweepers don’t have to swerve around garbage or recyclables. Help keep our streets clear and safe by moving your vehicles when the street sweeper comes to your area.

The City sweeps more than 1,100 lane kilometres of road, and getting the work done is a collaborative effort. We would like to thank Brantford residents for their help in moving their vehicles from city streets when sweeping is scheduled. Please note that sweepers will not return to sweep residual material left behind due to parked vehicles.

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