Downtown On-street Parking 

Downtown Brantford has approximately five hundred (500) on-street parking spaces, including eighteen (18) accessible parking spaces. There is a 2 hour time limit for on-street parking within the downtown area with the exception of specific street sections or loading zones that are signed accordingly.

The purpose of the timed parking limits within the downtown area is to allow for parking space to become available for people to shop and do business downtown. When employees, business owners, students, residents and visitors use the on-street parking spaces for longer than the allotted time, it limits the number of spaces available for customers.

If you will be in the downtown for longer than two hours, please consider parking in one of the municipal or private parking lots. All of the parking lots in the downtown core are within five minutes’ walk of your destination.

Downtown On-Street Parking Bylaw


Re-Park/No Re-Park – prohibits a person from over-extending a 2 hour and/or 3 hour parking restriction through the relocation of a vehicle to another on-street location. A person is, therefore, prohibited from re-parking a vehicle at another on-street location in the downtown as identified in Section “31” for a period of 5 hours from the start of the initial period of having parked the vehicle on-street.

This bylaw prohibits a person from over-extending a two or three hour parking restriction by relocating a vehicle to another on-street location within a defined area.

The time restriction for the “no re-park” bylaw is 5 hours from the start of the initial period of having the vehicle on-street.

    The area for the “no re-park” bylaw is as follows:

  • Between Brant Ave and Clarence Street (Colborne St. extends to Alfred St.)
  • From and including Water and Wharfe Streets northerly to and including Nelson Street

Historical Events That Resulted In the “No Repark” Bylaw Being Passed By City Council in 2000

Up until the early/mid 1990s parking metres were on several City streets within the downtown. With the thought of encouraging more people to come to the downtown, Council removed the parking meters in order to provide “free” on-street parking. In conjunction with the removal of the meters, a two hour parking prohibition from 8am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday was also bylawed to prevent downtown employees from dominating all of the available on-street parking.

However, it didn’t take long before several employees realized that if they moved their vehicles to another parking space, they could park for another two hours. Therefore, by relocating their vehicles, employees started to utilize many of the on-street parking spaces, which eliminated on-street parking for patrons who wanted to shop, eat or attend personal business within the downtown.

At the request of existing downtown committees a parking initiative was introduced in the downtown to prevent employees from taking away key parking spaces that were adjacent to the existing businesses. This parking initiative is the existing “No Repark” bylaw which is also used in Cambridge and Kitchener to control employee parking.

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