Enforcement on Private Property 

Private Property Parking Enforcement By City By-Law Enforcement Staff

The City of Brantford provides enforcement on private property by authorized City Parking By-Law Enforcement Officers.

The authorization permits City of Brantford Parking By-Law Enforcement Officers to enter your property:

  • only when notified by the Property Owner/Manager; or
  • at the discretion of the Parking Enforcement Office.

The "Guidelines and Requirements" for this parking enforcement option are below.

Should you choose this parking enforcement option for enforcement on private property, click to open the Application For Parking Enforcement On Private Property By Authorized City By-Law Enforcement Officers (Revised June 2016). After completing the application, you can mail or deliver to:

Municipal Parking Office
Parking Enforcement Office
Market Centre Parkade
59 Icomm Drive
Brantford, Ontario N3S 7N5
Telephone: (519) 753-2311 

Contact us for additional information: Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m
Closed: Saturdays, Sundays and Statutory Holidays

Guidelines & Requirements

Parking Signage Plan

Enforcement sign private parking enforced under by-law 144-88This Mandatory sign is required to enforce:
  • Must be posted at every entrance to the property
  • Sign dimensions are 45cm x 60 cm
  • Sign colour must be white lettering on green background

Additional signs are required to enforce:

Public Parking

  • Customer spaces availability
  • Staff parking in customer spaces
  • Parked without display a permit
  • Payment Machine on property

Tenant Visitor Parking

  • Tenants parking in visitor spaces
  • Visitors parking in tenant spaces
  • Parked without displaying a valid permit
  • Un-plated vehicles on property

Sample signs for Enforcement

  • Signs are mandatory for the specific parking us
  • must be posted in designated parking lot spaces
  • The sign dimensions for all internal parking control signs shall be 30cm x 45cm
No parking sign fire route No parking sign visitor parking only No parking sign tenant or customer or patient parking only No parking sign by permit only

PLEASE NOTE: Enforcement of accessible parking spaces and fire routes can only occur if the accessible parking spaces and the fire route have been by-lawed and included int he City's Parking By-law.

Authorization Sign Procedure

Prior to Manufacturing the Signs

Contact the Parking Administrative Office for information that meets your needs:

Parking Administrative Office (519) 753-2311

Sample Signs/Permit

Before having parking control signs made, forward sign wording to Parking Services for approval. Also, permits issued for parking (if applicable) need to be reviewed.

Approved Form, Signs and/or Permmit

Send us these documents for FINAL approval

a) Authorization Form

  • Completed by the Registered Owner or Property Manager
  • Enforcement instruction must be specific and clear,example:
    ''Ticket all vehicles parked in the signed "Fire Route"

b) Design of signs and/or permits (if applicable)

c) Parking Administrative Staff will contact you to advise if the documents are approved and meet City requirements.

Final Approval of Documents and Posted Signs

a) Order Signs

  • Local Businesses- refer to Yellow Pages

b) Sign Installation

Private Property Sign- is MANDATORY and must be:

  • Installed at each entrance to the property
  • Attached to post,wall,or fence
  • Posted so that the bottom of the sign is 2m (about 6') high from the grade level
  • Angled so to face the direction of traffic entering the property.

Additional Signs- are MANDATORY and must be:

  • Installed in the interior lot to designate specific spaces
  • Single sign per space or bookend signs with arrows for many spaces
  • Attached to post, wall,or fence
  • Installed so that the signs are a consistent height above the grade level
  • Installed to face the driver direction oftraffic entering the property.

c) Fire Route & Accessible Signs and Spaces

  • These signs must be compliant PRIOR to approval for private property enforcement.

Final Inspection

Parking Administrative Staff will conduct a final inspection of your property and notify you of the enforcement start date and/or changes.

Enforcement Procedure

Enforcement Contact Information (24-hours):

  • 519-753-2311 - Parking Services
    8:00 am-10:30pm Monday-Friday
  • 519-756-7050- Brantford Police Services
    during after-hours

Tagging Vehicles Parked Illegally (Two types of parking authorization)

i) Delegated Authorization to Provide Parking Enforcement
Only when notified by the property owner/manager

  • Meet the Parking Officer at the location
  • Point out illegally parked vehicles
  • State the reason for enforcement


ii) Blanket Authorization to Provide Parking Enforcement
At the discretion of the Parking Enforcement Officer

Request to cancel tickets AFTER the officer leaves the property

  • The City will NOT cancel the ticket
  • The Property Manager or Agent who requested enforcement is responsible for the tickets
  • If the ticket is not voluntarily paid within the noted 15 day period, a Notice will automatically be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Attend Hearing Meetings

  • If required,the Property Manager is to attend the Provincial Offences Court Hearing at 102 Wellington Street to provide evidence for this property.

Cease Enforcement on Private Property

Enforcement on the Property Will Automatically Cease for:

  • Any sign deficiencies for these offences:
  1. Private Property
  2. Fire Route
  3. Accessible Spaces
  • Any changes to the authorized persons names without¬† updating the existing application
  • Any problems with the parking machines operation (if applicable).

Renewal Document Procedure

Enforcement on the Property Will Automatically Cease after 2 years.

  • You may renew your application for parking enforcement by contacting the Parking Enforcement Office at 519-753-2311.
  • Application renewal is required to keep your enforcement requirements current.
  • There is no charge for the application renewal.

    The City reserves the right to refuse or cease enforcement on any property at any time

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