Roswell Park 

Roswell Park is located in the North end of Brantford, Ward 2, and is adjacent to Russell Reid Public School. The primary entrance is located off of Cambridge Drive with two additional smaller entrances via Hawthorne Lane and Woodlawn Avenue. The existing play area is linear in nature and is placed between an existing asphalt multi-use pad and the outfield of a junior ball diamond.

Roswell park aerial rendering of renovations

The new playground will move slightly from where the old equipment was situated. The playground areas are much larger and include a wide range of play opportunities from climbing to sliding to swinging to spinning etc. Each play surface will be fully accessible with many ground-based play components for all abilities. A new swing set with an accessible swing as well as a sand play area is also included in the design. An asphalt path will lead into the park from Cambridge Drive which will wind around the play areas and meet the existing asphalt multi-use pad east of the swing and senior play areas. New benches and trees will be installed throughout the new park area with natural features such as grass berms and log borders to enjoy

Roswell playground renovations

Please click to find rendering of the Roswell Park renovation site plan and a snapshot of the playground equipment to be installed (PDF Format). Please note there may be slight changes to the site plan and/or the play equipment prior to construction.

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