Mayors Common Park 

Mayors Common Park is located on Clement Drive in South Brantford, Ward 1. The existing playground is situated in an open grassed area in close proximity to the street. The play area is separated from the municipal sidewalk by a planting bed. The west side of the play area is bordered by an inaccessible wooded slope.

Mayors Common aerial rendering of park renovations

The new playground will be installed in the same location as the previous equipment. An armour stone wall will be installed toward the back of the park which will enlarge the play area. This Park renovation will include a new set of swings with one accessible seat as well as a junior play unit. The new unit will include a wide range of play opportunities from climbing to sliding to crawling to imaginative play etc. The play surface will be fully accessible with many ground-based play components for all abilities. An asphalt path will lead into the park from Clement Drive which will wind around the play area. New benches and trees will be installed throughout the new park area with a beautiful all season perennial garden installed along the road frontage which will include pollinator plants for children to learn about butterflies and other pollinators! The new park design will also include natural features such a grass picnic area and log border to enjoy.

Mayors Common playground renovations

Please click to find rendering of the Mayors Common Park renovation site plan and a snapshot of the playground equipment to be installed (PDF Format). Please note there may be slight changes to the site plan and/or the play equipment prior to construction.

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