Lorne Park 

Lorne ParkIn 1907, the City purchased the triangular on King Street.  A plan was proposed for the laying out of the property on Oxford Street between Lorne Bridge and the City Yard as a boulevard street to be beautified on both sides.  The park was called North Oxford Street Park.  The name was later changed to Lorne Park after the Marquis of Lorne who was the Governor General of Canada from 1878-1883.

On August 7, 1930 the Pick-Wick Miniature Golf Course Limited was granted use of Lorne Park for a miniature golf course.  By 1935 the park had been laid out in formal flower beds and also featured a bathing area.

Today Lorne Park is considered to be Brantford's showcase horticultural park and includes 1 carpet bed, several annual and perennial displays, a flag display featuring each provincial flag, as well as specimen trees and shrubs.

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Ballantyne Drive Cycle Lane Improvements

The Public Works and Parks Departments are working to redesign Ballanyne Drive to improve the user experience for all users of the road.

PIC - June 20, 2018 Meeting Overview - Cycle Lane Improvements Ballantyne Drive (PDF)

For more information, please contact Evie Przybyla, Senior Transportation Project Manager at YPrzybyla@brantford.ca or 519-759-4150, Ext. 5379.