Neighbourhood Alliance of Brantford 

The Neighbourhood Alliance of BrantfordThe Eagle Place Community Association, Holmedale Neighbourhood Association, and the East Ward/Echo Place Neighbourhood Association are pleased to launch the FREE Neighbourhood Learning Series to neighbourhood residents!

Click on the links below to learn more about these exciting learning opportunities for community residents, being delivered in their own neighbourhood!

Neighbourhood Learning Series Calendars

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Whose Neighbourhood Is It ANYWAY?

A great tree grows from a simple seed
A powerful Community grows simply from YOU!

Why create an Association?

We come together as a community simply because of where we are, who we are, and what we care about. We need no other reasons.

Where do we find the Resources?

Every neighbourhood contains all that it needs to make a positive difference in the lives of all its residents. It has more talent than any one person or group knows.

Are there benefits to creating an Association?

A Neighbourhood Association is the most effective tool for creating power, inventing solutions and providing care.

Neighbourhood Association:

Together, we can produce the future we envision.

  • The Power of Association
    Community means ‘people in relationship.’ Association means ‘people in powerful relationship'.
  • Nobody knows our community, and its needs, better than its residents. Association acts as an amplifier of the gifts, skills and talents of each of its members.
  • Association provides each community the power to decide what needs to be done. It works on the notion that local citizens, connected together, have the special ability to know what needs doing in their community.
  • Association provides the power to decide how we could do what needs to be done. It supports the notion that local knowledge is, itself, a highly rated expertise.
  • Association provides the power to join with one’s neighbours to do what needs to be done.
  • In association we are not merely consumers. We are not clients We are citizens with gifts and the power to make powerful communities.


Our individual talents are the raw materials of community.

Families and neighbours become powerful when our talents are combined.

When a community discovers what it has, it finds power.


Relationship building is fundamental to community.

Communities get strong through the connections that provide a way for its members to share their talents.

Relationships that are built around a common purpose have power.


There is no one whose talents are not needed.

Hospitality generates from trust and produces trust.

It is hospitality that widens our inventory of talents and creates open and friendly neighbourhoods.

Great communities are built when we work together!

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