Do you think the children in your neighbourhood would benefit from a playground program next summer? All you have to do is organize a committee of at least five interested and committed volunteers. This team, along with playground leaders provided by Parks and Recreation, will assist each playground committee by providing supplies and equipment, advertising, facilities and training.

If you wish to know if your neighbourhood has an active neighbourhood association please call Parks and Recreation at (519) 756-1500 to activate an association for your area.

Name Address
Andrew W. Pate Park 85 Viscount Road
Anne Good Park 50 Allensgate Drive
Arctic Park 59 Galileo Boulevard
Bellview Park 45 Fifth Avenue
Brenda Court Park
24 Brenda Court
Bridle Path Park 47 Palomino Drive
Brier Park 45 Winding Way
Brooklyn Park 49 Charles Street
Burnley Park 21 Burnley Ave
Cameron Heights Park 394 North Park Street
Cedarland Park 160 Ashgrove Ave
Centennial Park 39 Ellenson Drive
Central Park 143 George Street
Charles Ward Park 220 Darling Street
City View Park 35 McMurray Street
Cockshutt Park 35 Sherwood Drive
Conklin Park 348 Murray Street
Connaught Park 100 Grand Street
Deer Park 61 Kent Road
Devereaux Park 401 Wellington Street
Devon Down Park 70 Abigail Ave
Donegal Park 80 Donegal Drive
Dufferin Park 164 St. Paul Avenue
Echo Park 64 Morley Ave
(Albemarle Street & Morley Avenue)
Edith Monture Park 15 Edith Monture Ave
Elgin Park 8 McConkey Crescent
Florence Buchanan Park 89 Branlyn Crescent
Grandwoodlands Park 20 Baxter Street
Greenbrier Park 3 Scotia Avenue
Greenwood Park 235 West Street
Hillcrest Park 11 Sandy Row
Lansdowne Park 174 Parkside Drive
Lynden Hills Park 363 Brantwood Park Road
Mayfair Park 24 Miles Avenue
(Oxford Street & Miles Avenue)
Mayor's Common Park 6 Clement Drive
Mohawk Park & Pavillion 51 Lynwood Drive
Moose Park 40 Webling Street
Orchard Park 29 Brisbane Boulevard
(off Colborne Street)
Parsons Park 160 Ontario Street
Pleasant Ridge Park 20 Elderwood Avenue
(Glendale Road & Kinnard Road)
Prince Charles Park 77 Herbert Street
Princess Anne Park 17 Helen Avenue
Recreation Park 258 Nelson Street
Resurrection Park 17 Ravenwood Avenue
Robert Moore Park 42 Richmond Street
Roswell Park 39 Cambridge Drive
Shallow Creek Park Alfred Street
Sheri-Mar Park Sheridan Street
Silverbridge Park 59 Galileo Boulevard
Spring Gardens Park 17 Dogwood Drive
Spring St. Buck Park 59 Spring Street
Tranquility Park & Community Hall 135 Francis Street
Tutela Park 160 Erie Avenue
Westdale Park 24 Alexander Drive
Wilkes Park 75 Tranquility Street
Wood Street Park 74 Wood Street
Woodman Park Community Centre
491 Grey Street
Playground Listing Including Street Address