Outdoor Ice Rink Signage 

A cartoon image of people skating

Brantford has a unique and wonderful resource to offer the residents of Brantford. Each winter, from the end of December to the beginning of March, until as late as 11:00 p.m. daily, 20 parks throughout the city offer the experience of outdoor skating.

To make this happen, Parks & Recreation maintenance staff deliver equipment and perform maintenance inspections weekly throughout the season. Neighbourhood Association volunteers set up and dismantle the boards, as well as flood the rinks and shovel when needed. Several neighbourhoods set up two ice surfaces: one for pleasure skating and the other for hockey. Please be aware that Parks and Recreation and your local Neighbourhood Associations will be posting new signs related to the operation of the outdoor winter ice rinks.

The signs will identify the safety of the ice on both the hockey and pleasure skating rinks (where applicable) on a given day. The ice will be closed when the conditions are unsafe. Users are not to use the ice surface when it is closed. Should you have any questions about our new signs, please call your Neighbourhood Association representative or Parks and Recreation at 756-1500.