Where can I smoke in the park?
We are sorry but there is no smoking anywhere in the Park. We are a City of Brantford facility and smoking is banned in all facilities. You may smoke out front of our park 15 feet away from the front entrance. Cigarette disposal units are also available for you to dispose of your cigarettes.
Do you have lockers?
We recommend that you always lock any valuables that you have. DO NOT leave them in the change room or at your picnic area unattended. Lockers are 25 cents per use or rent one for the day. To rent one for the day you need to give us a deposit and then when you return your key at the end of the day we give you a portion of your deposit back.
Can I bring food in to the Park?
Yes you may. You may bring in picnic coolers and any food you like. You may also bring a BBQ, as long as it is propane. However, alcohol is not permitted at the park under any circumstances. Anyone caught with alcohol will be asked to leave the park immediately.
How old do you have to be to swim alone?
In order to swim alone you must be at least 10 years of age and older and be a good swimmer. If you are between 7 – 10 years you must pass the swim test. The lifeguard at the bottom of the slide will help. If you are under 7, regardless of your swim ability, you must be with an adult (15 years of age & older) at all times within arms reach. Arms reach means the adult must be in the water within arms reach to reach the swimmer if they were having difficulties. We understand that some children under 7 may be excellent swimmers but this is a Health Department directive that we must follow in order to keep our operation open.
How can I rent a picnic area?
We have nine picnic areas throughout the park in various sizes. You may use any picnic area during your visit if it is not reserved already at any extra cost. The front desk posts picnic area reservations daily. There are both large and small picnic tables available for rent. Tables must be pre-booked prior to your visit.
What do I have to do to ride the waterslide?
In order to ride the waterslide you must do a swim test. The lifeguard at the bottom of the slide will assist you with this. You must swim across and back, without stopping, one section of our pool. If you can do this, the lifeguard will give you a symbol on your wristband and you can go down the waterslide. You only have to do the test once per day. If you can’t pass the swim test then don’t worry we have lots of other fun things you can do.
What is your rain policy?
Weather is a very unpredictable thing and no different then you we can’t tell what is going to happen with the weather. If it does rain we remain open. The Go Karts will have to close. If we hear thunder or see lightening then we have to close all activities for at least 20 minutes after the last occurrence. The park does NOT close unless the thunder and lightening has continued for more than 2 hours and no one has remained in the park. We cannot give refunds or rain checks if it does rain but usually the rain is short term and once this has passed we open back up for regular activities as best we can. If you are planning a group outing please check with us on providing a rain date. We will accommodate you as best as we can.
I just want to come in the park and watch my family. Do I have to pay?
Yes you do. We do have a general admission rate. This allows you into the park and you may watch your family while they play. This will then cover you under our liability insurance.
Do I have to rent an inner tube?
We do have free YELLOW inner tubes in the lazy river that are shared among all our visitors. We also have tubes that patrons are able to rent for your visit for a minimal fee which you can keep with you for the day. A deposit will be required and a portion of your deposit will be refunded to you at the end of your visit when the tube is returned. Inner tubes are only to be used in the lazy river and we are not responsible for lost inner tubes.
Are pets allowed into the facility?
Only registered service animals are allowed to enter the facility due to pool Health & Safety Regulations.