General Information 

Questions you may ask BEFORE a match is made…


Is this an emergency snow removal service?

No, every participant, senior or buddy, must be registered before a match is made.


Are there any other snow removal programs within the City?

Yes, the “Snow Windrow Removal Program”
This is a free program & is run from the Public Works Commission located in City Hall at 519-759-4150 x5400.


What is the Registration fee for seniors?

There is a $5.40 non-refundable registration fee for seniors.


If a senior has been registered in the previous year, are they required to re-register & pay the fee again?

Yes, each year a new registration is required along with the $5.40 fee. 


What is the registration fee for Youth who are NEW to the program?

There is a $10.00 registration fee, orientation package and quiz that need to be returned before a match is able to be made.


What is the fee if you are a returning buddy?

There will be NO FEE, but a registration form must be filled out.

Is a match guaranteed?

NO. A match with a senior(s) depends on the number of people who register & where they live in relation to each other.


Can a senior request a volunteer?

Yes, however there are very few Buddies that register as a volunteer.


Can Youth use the program to gain Community Volunteer hours?

Yes, youth are able to earn high school community volunteer hours.
Students should request the hours form from their high school Guidance Department.


What happens when a match is made?

Once a match is made the buddy will receive the seniors name, phone number and address. The senior will receive the buddies name & phone number.
The senior and buddy will then contact each other to arrange for a meet ‘n’ greet with the buddy and a parent/guardian before the work starts.
This will be to discuss the details of the work & to negotiate an appropriate cost.


Please Note:

You will only be contacted if & when a match has been made.



Questions you may ask AFTER a match has been made…


When is the work done?

Seniors should call the Buddy when shoveling is needed. 
If Buddies will be on vacation and are not be available to shovel, the senior should find alternative arrangements. 


Area to be shoveled

The senior should indicate where the snow needs to be shoveled.



Setting a price for the work is often a difficult and uncomfortable process, but it is very important both parties agree to an amount each time the area is shoveled.  
Please reference the Price Guidelines.



If Buddies are working as a volunteer for high school community service hours, the senior needs to know they will be keeping track of hours and will need to sign the form at the end of the season.
Students should request the form from their high school Guidance Departments and keep a running total of the hours worked.



To ensure both the safety of Seniors and Buddies we recommend that Buddies do not enter the home of a client.
If the Buddy is required to spread salt, the Buddy should know where it is kept. 
Buddies should never be asked to do any work with snow blowers or other machinery.


Buddy Report Card

A report card will be sent to all registered participants at the end of the season to give you an opportunity to provide feedback about the quality of service that you are receiving.