Online Forms 

A Child Information/Consent Form or a Preschool Child Consent Form must be completed before the child can participate in the program. Only one form is needed per family.

A Medical Form is required if your child(ren) has a medical condition or requires medication that he/she will be bringing to the program.  An EPI Pen Medical Form is required if your child(ren) has an epi-pen or equivalent product.

Completed forms can be scanned and e-mailed to Parks and Recreation OR faxed to 519-759-5975 OR mailed OR dropped off at any Parks and Recreation facility prior to the program start date.

Swim Lesson Registration

No forms are required for swim lessons.  Please remember to bring a copy of your receipt to the first day of lessons.

Facility Rental


  1. Facility Rental Agreement, Terms and Conditions -Facility Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions.pdf

RecConnect Internet Program Registration

RecConnect Internet Program Registration
RecConnect click to Register Now

Parks & Recreation Affiliation Application

This application is for renewal of current affiliated groups and new groups that would like to be considered for affiliation approval.   

Please view the Affiliation policy then fill out the Affiliation Application Form for renewal or approval. 

Please note: the application is a fillable pdf. Once completed, please save the document to your computer and send as an attachment in an email to

Please see below the Council approved criteria used to approve and renew affiliation applications:

1.0 Criteria for Affiliation: 

1.1 Groups must deliver recreational, art, cultural, social and/or sport programs and services with goals and objectives compatible with the Brantford Parks and Recreation Master Plan and Mission Statement and the City’s Strategic Plan. 

1.2 This policy is not intended for elite, amateur or semi-pro sport groups who charge admission for regular season and playoff games i.e. Junior or senior teams or Varsity teams. 

1.3 Groups must operate under the authority of a volunteer board or executive committee. 

1.4 Groups must provide a copy of their current Constitution/By-Laws that are signed and dated. Those groups who operate without a Constitution/By-Laws must submit their annual goals and objectives and provide evidence that they are working towards implementation of a Constitution/By-Laws. 

1.5 Groups must be headquartered in the City of Brantford with the majority (51%) of participating members residing in the City of Brantford. 

1.6 For sport groups a majority of annual facility rentals must be held at City of Brantford or Board of Education facilities (as per the Joint Use Agreement). 

1.7 Membership to groups must be available to all residents of Brantford. 

1.8 Affiliated groups must identify their group as either adult and/or youth focused as the department places a greater emphasis on youth activities per the Parks and Recreation Master Plan and allocation procedures. Youth are defined as ages 17 and younger. Family based activities will be considered youth for the purposes of this Policy. Sport groups applying for the 20% discount for sport specific rentals must provide their main programming primarily for youth.

1.9 New groups requesting affiliation must apply by completing the Affiliation Application Form (attached hereto as Appendix “C”), must meet the criteria in this policy, and may be required to meet with applicable staff to be considered for Affiliation. 

1.10 Once an organization is approved, the renewal process must be followed to update Boards of Directors contact information, provide current proof of insurance and verify that all other affiliation criteria are still being met by January 31, annually. Not renewing Affiliation status could jeopardize the applicable discounts outlined in this policy and related procedures

For more information please email -