Tap Water Hardness 

Tap Water: can be hard or soft

Water hardness refers to the amount of certain minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium, in the water.

Brantford's water is "average to high" for water hardness. The average hardness level in Brantford's tap water ranges from 14 to 18 grains per US gallon or 240 to 310 milligrams per litre. As a consequence of water being heated, cooled or evaporated over time, scaly, white crusting can result on fixtures due to mineral buildup. Hardness in water can also leave spots on your coffeepot and other glassware. It can affect teh performance of your hot water tank, dishwasher and washing machine.

Water softeners can be purchased or leased, however it's recommended that a separate, unsoftened supply of water be kept for cooking and drinking, because the softening process will increase the sodium level in the drinking water and would contribute to a person's daily sodium intake.

To remove spotting from coffee pots, fill with vinegar and let sit overnight. Periodically clean fixtures such as kettles, coffee makers, showerheads and dishwashers with vinegar to eliminate buildup.

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