Waterwise Demonstration Garden 

In 2005, the City of Brantford developed a Waterwise Demonstration Garden in partnership with the Brantford Garden Club and Brant-Lyn Optimists. The garden is located at Tranquility Hall, at the corner of Francis Street and Powerline Road in Brantford. This garden is available as a resource to interested Brantford residents looking for ways to conserve water in their home landscape.

The garden was designed to show how drought-tolerant plants could be used to create a variety of diverse and beautiful landscape "styles" in a residential setting. The site incorporates areas receiving both full and partial sun conditions as well as dry shade situations that are sometimes challenging for homeowners.

Hundreds of plants are on display, all chosen for their ability to thrive during our typical dry summer months and are not watered after first being established, with the exception of our Kitchen Garden which has rainbarrels to supply supplemental watering.  Our gardens were all finally completed in 2011 and incorporate the following 7 gardens to reflect different styles and spaces.


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1. Cottage Garden

Cottage Garden with colourful perennials around a granite benchUnlike the Formal Garden, the Cottage Garden is a more relaxed and casual approach to a waterwise landscape. It depends on grace and charm, instead of formal and grandeur elements. Typical features are informal design, dense plantings, traditional materials and a mixture of ornamental and edible plants. 

Click to see the Cottage Garden PDF brochure for plant list and example design plan.

2. Formal Garden

Formal Garden silver and green foliage plants with pebblestone pathways leading to a center circle with iron sundial ornamentA Formal Garden provides a clean, tidy approach to a waterwise landscape. This garden is commonly symmetrical with defined borders and includes a main focal point such as a water fountain, sundial or garden bench.

Click to see the Formal Garden PDF brochure for plant list and example design plan.

3. Narrow Border Garden

Narrow Border Garden along wall of Tranquility Hall with colourful perennialsA Narrow Border Garden is one that fits into the small and awkward spaces that are sometimes found near sidewalks, driveways and permanent structures. You can remove the unnecessary grass and beautify this area by adding stones, mulches and waterwise plants.

Click to see the Narrow Border Garden PDF brochure for plant list and example design plan.

4. Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden with Bee Balm and sweet pepper plantsA Kitchen Garden provides a great deal of functionality as vegetables, herbs and flowers are grown together while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Incorporating rainbarrels and a composter into the landscape is a great way to make the most out of this space. Grouping vegetables according to their watering and lighting needs is necessary to ensure the landscape maintains the waterwise status.

Click to see the Kitchen Garden PDF brochure for plant list and example design plan.

5. Scree Garden

Scree Garden with low growing conifers and drought-tolerant perennials, mainly purple flowering and all stone mulchA Scree Garden is a great alternative for landscapes that are naturally well-drained with sandy soils. These gardens require very little maintenance, as they are well mulched with stones. Additionally, plants in these gardens tend to be slow spreading.  

Click to see the Scree Garden PDF brochure for plant list and example design plan.

6. Shade Garden

Shade Garden with mainly green leafy folliage plants, including hostas under a crap apple treeDo you have an area of your property that is without sun the majority of the time? You can still beautify this space with a shade garden. The plants in this area are able to thrive with little or no sunlight whether the area is under a large tree, building or fence. 

Click here to download a pdf copy of the “Waterwise Plants for Brantford” booklet which highlights shade-tolerant plant species.

7. Welcome Garden

Welcome Garden with sign titled "Welcome Garden" and taller, colourful perennials A Welcome Garden is a great way to add curb appeal and make your property inviting. It's an opportunity for you to showcase your personal style and taste. Our Welcome Garden contains drought-tolerant native plant species indigenous to the City.

Click here to download a pdf copy of the “Waterwise Plants for Brantford” booklet which highlights plant species native to the City of Brantford.


    Detailed brochures are available online for the majority of our gardens.