Water Service Connection By-law - NEW 

On Dec 20, 2016, City Council approved the Water Service Connection By-law 159-2016 to enhance the City’s ability to provide safe, reliable and economical water services while maintaining and improving on the customer service provided to the residents.

The new Water Service Connection By-law provides comprehensive measures to protect the City’s drinking water infrastructure and supply, while providing efficient and consistent service to residents and businesses.

The By-law summarizes and formalizes various current practices, procedures and specifications and streamlines services provided to the public. It provides enforcement tools for access to water meters, inspection of installation of water services and protection of the Water Distribution system. The Water Service Connection By-law is available here. The following items are governed by the proposed Water Service Connection By-law:

  • Installation and maintenance of water services
  • Abandonment and disconnection of water services
  • Use of fire hydrants by approved contractors for taking water for construction purposes
  • Installation and maintenance of water meters by customers
  • Use of bulk water station by contractors
  • Use of private water system such as wells and rain water in such a way that it does not compromise the quality of City’s drinking water
  • Administrative and enforcement tools to effectively manage the water
  • Infrastructure and supply

The By-law is applicable to all residential and business water account holders, property owners, builders and contractors. Generally, most existing customers need not do anything and will not see any change in the water services they receive. One main change is that new customers will be required to submit a Water Service Connection Permit Application to set up an account.

Water account holders will be required to provide access to the water meter when requested for inspection, maintenance and replacement purposes. There are provisions for enforcement measures for unauthorized use of City water system.

Water Service Connection Permit

As per the bylaw, new customers will be required to submit a written application form instead of a verbal request to get the Water Service Connection Permit to connect to the City’s drinking water system. To get the Permit, please complete the online application form provided below and submit to the City.

There is no fee to process the application form. However there are fees for services such as inspection of the water service installed, water meter supplied by the City, water account set up etc., which are usually applied to the customers first water bill.

After successful submission of the application form, a confirmation of receipt of the application will be emailed to you.

Click to begin the online application process for Water Service Connection Permit Application

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the City Customer Services Department at (519) 756-1360.

Frequently Asked Questions

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New Water Service Connection Procedure Process Flowcharts

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