Private Sanitary Sewer Lateral Replacement Grant Program 

Private Sanitary Sewer Lateral Replacement Grant Program

This is a financial assistance program for City of Brantford property owners to help offset costs for the replacement of old sanitary sewer laterals on private property. This incentive program is being offered in the interest of helping property owners prevent or reduce the occurrence of sewer blockages.

Click for information about the Private Sanitary Sewer Lateral Replacement Grant Program (PDF format).

Program Eligibility

NEW IN JUNE 2016!  Eligibility requirements have been expanded to include residential rental properties, and properties owned by non-profits and businesses.

Prior to June 2, 2016, landlords were not eligible for grant funding for the replacement of private sanitary sewer laterals on their residential rental properties due to anti-bonusing provisions of the Municipal Act.  Since a Community Improvement Plan expansion was approved by Council in May for adoption into the City’s Official Plan, all properties within the City’s limits are now eligible for this grant. This also includes properties owned by non-profits and industrial, commercial and institutional properties.

To qualify for the program, eligible property owners must:

  • Be the owner(s) of a property in the City of Brantford
  • Have not commenced replacement or relining of
    private sanitary sewer lateral prior to grant program approval
  • Have paid all property taxes at the time
    of application for the grant
  • Building must have an existing sanitary sewer
    lateral, not still under a new construction

Application & Approval Process

  • Pick up an application form from Brantford City
    Hall or click to open Private Sanitary Sewer Lateral Grant Program Application click to open Private Sanitary Sewer Lateral Grant Program Application (pdf format opens in new browser window)
  • Submit itemized quotes from contractors for the
    replacement (or relining) work*
  • Quotes must include the installation of a cleanout
    unless one already exists that meets part 7 of
    the Ontario Building Code
  • Complete the application form, ensuring all
    registered property owners sign it, with a quote
    attached and return to the City:

Environmental Services Department, City Hall, 100 Wellington
Square, P.O. Box 818, Brantford,Ontario N3T 5R7


Fax: 519-752-6775

If you meet the eligibility requirements, the City will send you an agreement letter. Sign and date the agreement letter and return it to the City before replacing or relining your sanitary sewer lateral.

* Quotes for relining your sewer may also be considered. 

For more information, please call Environmental Services at: 519-759-1350, extension 5539.

Replacement Process

Once approval has been granted from the City, the property owner must:

  1. Apply for a plumbing permit* from the City’s Building Department* by calling 519-759-4150
  2. Note that utility locates are the responsibility of the contractor or the person doing the sewer lateral replacement.
  3. Arrange in advance for an inspection by the City’s Plumbing Inspector of the sanitary sewer lateral replacement
  4. Proceed with replacement of the sanitary sewer lateral, including installation of a clean-out if necessary
  5. Complete a “Declaration of Work Completion” form indicating that the property owner is satisfied with the work completed after an inspection is passed.

* A Plumbing Permit is not required for relining the sewer lateral.

Drain Clean-Out Requirement

In order to receive the grant payment, there must be an existing sanitary building drain clean-out that meets current standards or the contractor must install a sanitary building drain clean-out OR a two-way clean-out located on the end of the lateral outside the building near the footings.

Payment Process

After approval and replacement of your sewer lateral, a cheque for the grant totalling 50% of the paid eligible invoice amount, to a maximum of $1,500, will be made payable to the property owner upon the City’s receipt of the following:

  • A paid invoice of work completed by the contractor; or
  • Paid invoices for materials and equipment related to the private sewer lateral replacement
  • A satisfactory City inspection of the sanitary sewer lateral installation, or
  • A satisfactory City inspection of a pre and post video of the sanitary sewer lateral before and after relining.
  • A completed Declaration of Work Completion form, indicating the homeowner is satisfied with the work completed
  • A completed Electronic Funds Transfer form along with a void cheque 

Please Note: Grant approvals are subject to the availability of funding at any given time, on a first-come first-served basis. They will only be valid for six months from the approval date and will expire if:

  • Construction is not complete
  • Paid invoices are not received by the City
  • Sanitary sewer lateral replacement inspection is not satisfactory
  • Any other forms are incomplete (i.e. Declaration of Work Completion form)

The General Manager of Public Works will have the authority to extend the grant period or any other variations necessary for successful implementation of this program. The City will not provide a grant for an amount greater than $1,500.

For further financial assistance, please call the City’s Housing Department at 519-759-3330, ext. 6277 to see if you qualify.

Who Can Perform this Work?

Only contractors who are properly licensed to replace or reline sewer laterals are qualified to perform this work. This includes licensed plumbers and licensed drain layers. For a current listing* of Plumbing Contractors and Sewer/Drain Layers who are licensed to do business in the City of Brantford, check the City’s website at: and scroll down to the bottom of the page. If it is the property owner’s preference to use a plumber who is not on the list, the City will require that the plumber first obtain a license as required under the City’s Business Licensing By-law.

* This listing does not contain contact information. Licensed contractors can be found in the yellow pages of the phone book or searched online.

The City does not provide recommendations on plumbing contractors or sewer or drain contractors. Verification of the qualifications of contractors on this list in respect of Plumbing Trade License, or Sewer or Drain Contractor License, and liability insurance coverage is the responsibility of the property owner. Neither the City of Brantford nor any of its agents, officers or employees, make any warranty, express or implied, or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information provided by the business licensing list. Reference in this list to any specific plumbing contractor or sewer or drain contractor does not necessarily constitute or imply the City of Brantford’s endorsement, recommendation, or favouring by the City of Brantford, its agents, officers or employees of the plumbing contractor or sewer or drain contractor.

Discontinuation of Program

The terms of the program are subject to change. City Council may periodically review the program guidelines to determine if the program should continue, be modified, or cease to issue any new grants. The City reserves the right to discontinue the program at any time.

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