Basement Flooding Prevention Grant Program 

On Thursday March 1st, a Basement Flooding Prevention Grant program will be available to qualifying residents. This pilot program will provide financial assistance to homeowners living in the North-East Flood Remediation Study Area of the City who undertake works that reduce the risk of basement flooding.  Based on the outcome of the pilot program, this Grant Program may be rolled out to the entire City in 2019 and will be continued in subsequent years subject to annual funding approval. Residents can apply online beginning on March 1st, 2018.

Public Information Centre

WHO:      Homeowners living within the North-East Flood Remediation Study Area

WHEN:    Monday February 26, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

WHERE:  Branlyn Community Centre Meeting Room, 238 Brantwood Park Road

A Public Information Centre is being held for residents living in the north-east of Brantford who are interested in learning more about the Basement Flooding Prevention (Pilot) Grant Program that was approved by Council on January 30th.  Learn how eligible residents can benefit from up to $2,000 in subsidies to help offset costs of undertaking eligible works that help prevent basement flooding. Staff will be on hand to answer your questions. Grants can be applied for online beginning on March 1st on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, please call the City at 519-759-4150, email questions to

Click to open map of the applicable North-East Flood Remediation Study Area.

Click to open City Council Meeting Report approved January 30, 2018.

Program Eligibility

To qualify for the program, eligible homeowners must:

  • Be the owner(s) of the residential property in the North-east flood remediation study area.
  • Reside in the home (either single family, duplex, triplex home).
  • Have not commenced eligible works prior to grant program approval.*
  • Have current and paid property taxes at the time of application for the grant.
  • House must not still under a new construction warranty.
  • You have not received a subsidy from the City of Brantford through previous basement flooding remediation programs, (2010 grant program). 

* Only homeowners who applied for the Residential Compassionate Flood Grant Program are eligible to apply under this Grant Program for eligible works completed after August 11, 2017 and prior to approval of THIS grant program.

Eligible Works and Grant Amounts

The maximum allowable grant per household is $2,000. The grant amount per eligible remedial works is 80% of the cost to a maximum amount per eligible works in accordance with the following:

1.   Basement Flooding Risk Assessment - $250

Applicants can pay for a professional evaluation of potential sources of water entry into the home and a customized report listing top ranked actions to reduce risks of basement flooding. A copy of the report findings and/or CCTV video evidence must be submitted. Only one quote is required for this item. This can be applied for in conjunction with or prior to making a second application for other eligible works to be undertaken.

2.   Disconnection of downspouts with capping of sewer access - $200

Where downspouts are found connected to sewer, disconnection is a mandatory requirement to be eligible for any further grant amounts under this program. Disconnections must meet Property Standards Bylaw 465.22.4 Downpipes – Sump pump lines – Prevent – Nuisance. Downpipes and sump pump discharge lines shall be designed, provided and maintained so as to discharge water run-off away from the building and to prevent flooding, erosion and other nuisance to neighboring properties.  “Before” pictures showing the condition before undertaking the work and sketch of proposed work must be submitted with application. “After” pictures showing the completed work must be submitted along with paid invoice following disconnection.

3.   Disconnection of weeping tiles from sewer and reconnection to sump pump discharging to a permeable outside surface with backup power - $1,800

Sump pump discharges to surface must not create nuisance drainage issues for neighbouring properties in accordance with Property Standards Bylaw 465.22.4 reference above. A Plumbing Permit is required however the fee will be waived. Please show the executed basement flooding grant agreement between the City and Property Owner to the Building Department to get the Plumbing Permit fee waived.

4.   Installation of a Backwater Valve - $1,200

Backwater valves must meet the Ontario Building Code and may be installed on either the storm sewer or sanitary sewer, or both.  A Plumbing Permit is required however the fee will be waived.

5.   Other remedial works, describe – Up to $2,000

Recommended works by contractor that address a flooding issue not specified in this list of eligible works may be considered for grant eligibility on a case-by-case basis during the pilot testing phase of this program at the discretion of the General Manager for possible inclusion in future program. Grant amount to be determined at the discretion of the General Manager.

Direct replacements or repairs to your existing system or devices are not eligible under this program as these are considered to be issues of upkeep or maintenance on your property.

Grant Effective Date

The program comes into effect March 1st, 2018. Online grant application submissions will be accepted from this date. Quotes can be obtained prior to applying for the program but no work can be completed before being approved for the program.

Application Process

Obtain quotes from qualified contractors or sewer drain layers for the recommended eligible flooding prevention works. Homeowners are strongly encouraged to conduct due diligence before hiring a City of Brantford licensed contractor by obtaining references and asking questions throughout the quotation process. A list of suggested questions to ask your plumbing contractor is provided, courtesy of the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction.

Apply online, ensuring the following:

  • All registered homeowners sign the form.
  • An itemized, detailed quote must be attached with your application. Quote must list a breakdown of estimated costs for all work to be undertaken, with separate line item costs for various eligible works including costs of materials and labour.
  • If downspouts require disconnection, a sketch of the proposed locations for discharge to grade must be included along with photos.
  • Contractor’s City Business license # is included.

Once your application has been submitted along with the contractor quotes, you will receive an email to confirm that your online submission was successfully received. The Public Works Commission will then begin to review the application for eligibility. For eligible applicants, the General Manager of Public Works or designate will approve the grant amount by issuing a Commitment Letter representing the agreement between the parties. Once signed by the applicant, the agreement must be returned to the City.

Step-by-Step Guidelines to Participate in Grant Program Process   

Once your application has been approved by the City for the prescribed flooding prevention measures, you or your contractor must:

  1. Apply for a plumbing permit from the City’s Building Department for installation of a Backwater Valve OR Sump Pump. Your contractor may also do this for you.
  2. Note that utility locates are your responsibility as the homeowner (contractor is responsible if authorized by the homeowner).
  3. Arrange in advance for an inspection by the City’s Building Department for installation of a Backwater Valve OR Sump pump.
  4. Proceed with recommended works.

Preventative works completed that have not had an inspection by the City or have not passed an inspection will result in cancellation of any approved grant amounts.

Payment Process

After approval and installation of preventative works for basement flooding, a payment for the grant totalling 80% of the paid eligible invoice amount, to a maximum of $2,000, will be made to the homeowner upon the City’s receipt of the following:

  • Confirmation of payment of work completed by the contractor (invoice showing PAID); OR payment receipts for materials and equipment, excluding labour costs related to preventative works completed by the homeowner.
  • A satisfactory City verification of the downspout disconnection.
  • A satisfactory City inspection of the sump pump or backwater valve installation.
  • A completed Declaration of Work Completion form, indicating the homeowner is satisfied with the work completed.
  • Photo evidence of downspout disconnection(s) and capping of former sewer discharge entry locations.
  • Documentation must be returned to the City:  Public Works Commission, City Hall, 100 Wellington Square, P.O. Box 818, Brantford, Ontario N3T 5R7 or via email to

Please Note: Grant approvals are subject to the availability of funding at any given time, on a first come first serve basis. They will only be valid for six months from the approval date and will expire if:

  • Construction is not complete.
  • Paid invoices are not received by the City.
  • Inspection of eligible works is not satisfactory.
  • Any other forms are incomplete (i.e. Declaration of Work Completion form)

The General Manager of Public Works will have the authority to extend the grant period or any other variations necessary for successful implementation of this program. The City will not provide a grant for an amount greater than $2,000 in total per property.

Discontinuation of Program

The terms of the program are subject to change. City Council may periodically review the program guidelines to determine if the program should continue, be modified, or cease to issue any new grants. The City reserves the right to discontinue the program at any time.

For further financial assistance, please call Social Services at 519-759-3330, to see if you qualify under the Ontario Renovates Program.