Tree Stumps and Pegs 


PEGS are the standing trunks of a large tree that has been partially removed. These trunks are stable and are typically left at a height just below the lowest set of power lines. They do not pose a risk.

The City of Brantford removes pegs 3-4 times a year. The pegs are left standing because it’s time consuming and costly to cut this wood down to firewood size or an easy size for disposal. It is much more efficient to remove the wood in a single piece with a piece of equipment known as a “Hi Ab” or small crane truck. The City of Brantford does not currently have a crane truck dedicated to our use, so we bring one in from elsewhere when we have enough pegs to make it cost effective.

Like stumps, pegs are scheduled for removal based on the date of the tree removal, oldest to newest. Longer wait times are expected as the volume of tree removals in the city has increased due to the presence of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).

A peg - standing trunk of a large tree that has been partially removed


The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) poses an extraordinary challenge to municipalities, landowners and residents. Given the high volume of ash tree removals the City of Brantford is experiencing a corresponding high volume of stumps.

Stump removals are done based on the order of tree removal, oldest to newest, for the most part. Expect a longer wait between tree removal and stump removal than in the past. If you have ‘suckers’ or sprouts coming up off the stump, feel free to remove them using hand pruners or loppers. (Power tool use is not allowed on City of Brantford property, including boulevards, ). Please note that stump removal is a seasonal activity and that stumps are not removed when ground is frozen, or in the process of thawing.

Tree Stump cut to ground

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