Requests For Property or Tax Information 

  • Questions about your property tax can be e-mailed to:
  • Verbal property information is no longer generally available from the Tax Office, unless a Tax Certificate or Hardcopy has been purchased in advance.
  • Property owners, who must supply proof of identity, or those who present a Power of Attorney or Authorized Representative¬†form, can receive verbal tax account and property information.¬† Conditions apply.
  • Solicitors, Realtors & Property Appraisers, mortgage holders, banks & other financial institutions, must pay a fee to receive written information in the form of either a tax account Hardcopy, or a Tax Certificate.
  • The Hardcopy (currently $25.00) gives basic property information such as Roll number, Assessment, legal description, lot size and local improvement information. It does not include any tax payment or unpaid balance information, restricted by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
  • The Tax Certificate (currently $50.00) used primarily during the sale/purchase of property, includes the above information, plus account balances and tax payment information. This certificate is authorized by the Ontario Municipal Act, 2001, s. 352 & 391.
  • Owners can obtain Receipts for prior payments, copies of Tax Bills, and current tax Statements,¬†for $15.00 each. There may be a fee for other documents. Some exceptions apply that waive this fee.
  • The adminstration fee for the creation of a new property tax account is $50.00, and for an ownership change, is $25.00.
  • There are administration fees for proceeding under the Municipal Tax Sale Act, when properties are three years in arrears.