Outdoor Pool, Hot Tub and Spa Requirements 

With warm weather arriving, we’ll all be thinking about how to cool off. Please be aware that if you have an outdoor pool on your property, or plan to install one this summer, there are regulations to follow to make sure everyone is safe.

  • Before you install a pool or hot tub, if it will hold water to a depth of half a metre or more, you may require a site alteration permit from the City of Brantford Engineering Department.
  • Whether the pool is above ground, in ground, on ground or inflatable, if it can hold water to a depth of half a metre or more, you must have a permit for it and a fence to enclose it - before you can add the water to it. This also applies to outdoor hot tubs and spas. 
  • Before emptying or backwashing your pool, you must get the consent of your neighbours if the pool water will run onto their properties. This also applies to emptying your hot tub and/or spa.

The Brantford Municipal Code defines a swimming pool as a privately-owned outdoor tank or body of water used for swimming, wading, diving, or bathing which when filled can contain a depth of 0.5 metres or more of water. A permit is required for any such swimming pool and adequate required fencing must be installed prior to any water being allowed in such pool.

This means that even inflatable pools may require a permit and fencing. Don't be disappointed - call before you buy! Reach the Building Department at 519-759-4150, ext 5702.