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Photo of Monument at Mount Hope Cemetery

This is a Cemetery

Lives are commemorated - deaths are recorded, families are reunited - memories made tangible - and love is undisguised.

This is a cemetery.

Communities accord respect, families bestow reverence, historians seek information, and our heritage is thereby enriched.

A cemetery is homeland for memorials that are a sustaining source of comfort for the living.

A cemetery is a history of people - a perpetual record of yesterday, and a sanctuary of peace and quiet today.

A cemetery exists because every life is worth loving and remembering - always.

(Matthews Canada)

The City of Brantford operates and maintains five (5) cemeteries:

Oakhill Cemetery

Office is permanently closed - please visit the Mt. Hope Office

Oakhill Cemetery Location picture

17 Jennings Rd. (at corner of Oakhill Dr.)

more information for Oakhill Cemetery


Mount Hope Cemetery


Mount Hope Cemetery Location picture

169 Charing Cross St.

more information on Mount Hope Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery Location picture

West Street at George Street

more information on Greenwood Cemetery

Tranquility Cemetery

Tranquility Cemetery (inactive)


Located on the west side of King George Rd. near Powerline Rd (north side of the Parts Source Auto Parts Store). more information on Tranquility Cemetery

Batson Cemetery

Batson Cemetery


Located on the west side of  King George Road near Powerline Road directly in front of the Parts Source Auto Parts Store. 

more information on Batson Cemetery

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