Oakhill Cemetery 

Office is permanently closed - please visit the Mt. Hope Office

Photo of Oakhill Cemetery office

17 Jennings Rd. (at corner of Oakhill Dr.)
Brantford, ON
N3T 5L7

Please call: 519-753-0313 to schedule an appointment. 

Phone: 519-753-0313
Email: cemeteries@brantford.ca

The City's newest cemetery officially opened in 1993 is set in a scenic location at Oakhill and Jennings Road in Brantford. In addition to meeting burial needs, the development of Oakhill Cemetery encourages passive recreational, and educational use of the land. Presently, many people walk, jog and cycle on the Oakhill Cemetery property while appreciating nature at it's finest. A country atmosphere in the city!

In all instances, development will emphasize and maintain the dignity and respect due in all burial areas.

The front entrance to Oakhill Cemetery offers a view of the on-site pond (which is home to numerous wildlife). Our Eternal Peace Garden is located above the deck overlooking the pond. The Garden houses our columbarium (above-ground structure for the eternal resting place for cremated remains). The Grand River borders the eastern side of the property, creating a natural, peaceful area for reflection and memories.

As you travel down our lane, you will find a full range of lot types and memorials throughout the various sections.

Oakhill Cemetery serves a diverse range of cultural and personal preferences while providing a sacred place for commemoration of loved ones.