Mount Hope Cemetery 

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169 Charing Cross St.
Brantford, ON
N3R 2J3

Office Hours: 

8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

Closed daily: 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Phone: 519-753-0313
Fax: 519-753-4832

Mount Hope Cemetery has commemorated the lives of Brantford's citizens for over a century. Originally farmland, 60 acres were purchased in 1872 by the town council and laid out as a cemetery by Orpheus Robinson, Esq. The layout displays a formality typical of the Victorian era, which has endured over the years, defining the plots and roads patterns within Mount Hope today.

The cemetery continues to offer a number of options for cremation burial and mausoleum entombment. The growing acceptance of cremation as a method of final rest has generated a demand for new means of memorialization. To respond to this demand, Brantford's "Eternal Peace Gardens" were developed within the City of Brantford Parks and Recreation Department's Mount Hope Cemetery.This picturesque, tranquil setting is designed in the style of a formal English garden. Located behind the existing mausoleum, the garden was designed specifically to include several columbarium walls. A columbarium is an above-ground structure comprised of sealed compartments that are used for the containment of cremated remains; each compartment is referred to as a "niche". These free-standing columbaria are faced with granite and inscribed bronze plaques are attached to the outside of each of the niches. The Eternal Peace Gardens provide a dignified alternative for cremation memorialization within this rich and historic landscape. Designed to enhance the existing historic fabric of the cemetery, these formal gardens are reminiscent of several styles that influenced Victorian gardening. These include the English knot garden and the French parterre, as well as the four-square kitchen common in rural areas towards the turn of the century. Rose gardens laid out in this fashion were also popular in city gardens during this period.

Another area of the cemetery which offers a wide choice of available lots for cremated remains is located on the east side of the office in Section "N".