Cemetery Services 

The City of Brantford Cemetery Services is honoured to assist families in a caring and comforting environment. Please find below a listing of some of the services that the City of Brantford Cemeteries has to offer:

  • Guidance with arrangement of interments (burials), both traditional and cremation disposition.
  • Guidance with interment rights (lot purchase) options – “pre-need" or “at-need”.
  • Guidance with arrangement for disinterments (removal of remains). The Medical Officer of Health must be contacted unless it is the disinterment of cremated remains.
  • Provide cold storage of remains if required, on a temporary basis.
  • Maintain Perpetual Care and Maintenance Trust Funds. 
  • Interpretation of the Cemeteries Act, for the purpose of estates, ownership, and interment rights inquiries.
  • Provide historical and genealogical information while adhering to the Privacy and Cemeteries Act of Ontario.
  • Provide care & maintenance of cemetery grounds, facilities, gardens and turf.
  • Installation of markers and concrete foundations.
  • Restoration and maintenance of markers to ensure safety within the grounds.
  • Installation of columbarium plaques.
  • Offer Commemorative Benches and Trees for purchase. 
  • Offer the Flowerbed and Potted Plant Service for purchase.
  • Installation and maintenance of memorial benches, trees and lot services (flowerbeds, potted plants on stands).
  • Offer a diverse selection of Fall and Winter Wreaths for purchase.
  • Maintain Shrub Removal Program for Mount Hope and Greenwood Cemeteries.

City of Brantford Cemeteries Grave Decorations Removal

Grounds maintenance at the City of Brantford Cemeteries takes place each spring and fall. All grave decorations, except saddle wreaths mounted on the top of monuments, must be removed by March 31 in the spring and October 31 in the fall. Wreaths on tri-pod stands may be placed on lots beginning November 1.

Any lot decorations left after those dates will be considered abandoned and will be discarded.

Thank you for your cooperation! 

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