August 11, 2017 Rain Event 

Please be advised that the City of Branford Public Works staff is currently responding to inquiries regarding the impact of the rain event that transpired in the City on August 11, 2017.

As has been reported, a total of 46 mm of rain fell in some parts of the City in a 24-hour period, resulting in significant flooding in impacted areas. In selected areas, 32.4 mm (70%) of the entire rainfall occurred in just 20 minutes putting intense stress on the City's storm water management system.

If residents have experienced a flood as a result of recent weather events causing damage, we strongly encourage homeowners to report the event to their home insurance provider.

Residents also have the option of completing a Notice of Claim form that can be accessed on the City's website at under the "Additional Resources" tab or they can contact the City at 519-759-4150 to speak with a "Risk Management and Insurance" representative directly. It is important to note that residents cannot make claims through both their home insurer and the City.

Additionally, notification of sewer back-ups should be provided to the City's water utilities customer service line at 519-759-4150, ext. 8060 so that Operations staff can be dispatched to investigate.

City staff is currently undertaking a comprehensive review of the event to understand causes and potential ways to reduce impacts of extreme weather events in the future. The report will be shared with City Council and the public.