City details action plan to manage wastewater servicing capacity allocation 

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Contact: Maria Visocchi, Director, Communications & Community Engagement 
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BRANTFORD, ON – On Monday July 23, 2018, the City hosted a Ward 5 meeting attended by over 65 members of the public at Doug Snooks Community Centre. City staff provided residents and members of the business community with a comprehensive information update regarding the wastewater capacity limitations impacting development related to servicing provided by the Fifth Avenue Wastewater Pumping Station. Residents also had an opportunity to ask questions and meet one on one with staff from the City’s Wastewater Operations, Engineering, Planning and Building departments.

Beth Goodger, the City’s General Manager of Public Works explained that limitations at the City’s Empey and Fifth Avenue Wastewater Pumping Stations were identified due to aging infrastructure, changing weather patterns and infill development.

A recently completed detailed study found that eight of the City’s nine pumping stations require varying degrees of rehabilitation to improve performance and code compliance with current regulatory standards. Priority work has been identified for the Fifth Avenue and Empey Street pumping stations.

At tonight’s City Council meeting, members of Council will consider a comprehensiveset of recommendations for how to address theallocation of servicing capacity and station limitations including:

  • Maintaining and repairing the stations
  • Improving performance
  • Rehabilitation to meet future capacity needs
  • Short term interim solutions for the Empey and Fifth Avenue Pumping stations
  • Updating the 2019-2027 Capital budget to reflect the study findings
  • Development of an Allocation Tool to track capacity
  • Develop a Wastewater Servicing Allocation Policy and By-law based framework informed by stakeholder consultation

Council will also consider an amendment to the City’s Zoning By-law to ensure City water, wastewater and storm water services are available before a building permit is issued. The new regulations will be implemented to ensure that development will proceed once the City has confirmed the availability of services and prior to the issuance of a building permit.

Together, the recommendations and zoning by-law amendment provide interim actions to increase capacity, reduce risk and provide a plan to meet future needs for the City.


  • While recent studies have revealed that the Fifth Avenue Wastewater Pumping Station requires upgrades, it is NOT necessary for residents to change any of their current household routines with respect to wastewater
  • It is absolutely safe for residents and businesses to flush their toilet
  • While new connections will be considered on a case by case basis according to new regulations, existing connections are not effected
  • The recommendations put forward do NOT freeze development – The City’s Planning Department will still accept Zoning and Building Permit applications that will be evaluated on a case by case basis
  • This issue has absolutely no impact on the City’s drinking water supply. The City’s drinking water is SAFE.

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