Terms of Reference 

On Thursday February 26, 2009, a workshop was held for members of the public in order to review and discuss components of the draft Terms of Reference for the Waterfront Master Plan study. There were over 70 individuals in attendance at this workshop, with a considerable amount of input provided.

The format of the community workshop provided for a large amount of input and dialogue. Staff completed the process of compiling, organizing, and reviewing the comments collected from this workshop. The comments received from the public were summarized and presented to Council at its April 20, 2009 Committee of the Whole meeting. Each and every comment recorded during the community workshop was reviewed and responded to. In many instances, new items were added or expanded upon within the Terms of Reference. When and item was not included, a reason for this decision was provided. The full staff report on this matter is located under the "Project Information" section of this site.

Council approved the Terms of Reference, and it was then released for the process of retaining the services of a consultant. This process was completed in accordance with the City's Purchasing Policy. In June 2009, the services of The Planning Partnership were retained to assist the City of Brantford towards the completion of the Waterfront Master Plan.