Downtown Brantford Revitalization 

Downtown Brantford Revitalized

Incentives supporting a vibrant business community.

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Downtown Brantford: Partnership Driven Revitalization

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Downtown Brantford is an ongoing success story. As one of 25 Ontario “Urban Growth Centres”, the City of Brantford has proven that strategic partnerships are an excellent way of revitalizing a downtown core.

Through partnerships with the OLG Casino, Wilfrid Laurier University and other postsecondary institutions—the City of Brantford has created opportunities for sustained growth which has dramatically improved the vitality of the downtown core. The city has also partnered with the Downtown Brantford BIA to help create a vibrant business community for the students, the citizens of Brantford and surrounding communities to use and enjoy.

As the revitalization of Brantford’s downtown continues, plans are being set into action to help accommodate the core’s growth such as the city’s master plans, transit terminal redevelopment, Laurier/ YMCA Recreational Centre and the province’s growth plan that ties Brantford closely to the Greater Toronto Area.

Downtown Brantford has achieved impressive accomplishments since 1999, and will continue to do so with the support of its partners.

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