Brownfields Community Advisory Committee

City Council has established a Brownfields Community Advisory Committee to provide community input into the implementation of the municipal brownfields strategy and to advise Council on brownfield matters.

The Committee’s mandate includes the following:

  • recommend priorities for municipal activities and spending concerning brownfields;
  • prepare and recommend implementation strategies;
  • consult with the community;
  • identify research needs and provide direction on research projects;
  • recommend use of funds in the Brownfield Reserve Fund.

The Committee meets the first Thursday of every month.

The Brownfields Community Advisory Committee is comprised of the following members:

Councillor David Neumann
Councillor Brian Van Tilborg
Ken Burns, Co-Chair
Chris Markell, Co-Chair
Dara Bowser
Sarah McAlister
Janice Belleville
Linda Ford
Jason Tangorra

The Brownfields Community Advisory Committee may be contacted through the Staff Advisors to the Committee. Contact the Clerks Department to get more information.

Brownfields Technical Committee

In addition to the Brownfield’s Community Advisory Committee, the City also has a Brownfields Technical Committee comprising of City Council and a wide range of municipal departments. It is Brantford’s experience that brownfield problems can only be successfully addressed through a multi-disciplinary approach. The following municipal departments participate actively on the Brownfields Technical Committee:

Parks and Recreation
Environmental Services
Legal and Real Estate Services
Property management
Building Services
Policy Planning, Heritage and Special Projects
Parks and Recreation

For further information on Brantford’s Brownfield Initiatives, please contact Planning Staff at


The City of Brantford
Planning Department
Tel : 519-759-4150
Fax : 519-752-6977