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The self-guided Brownfields Discovery Tour features 8 local examples of former industrial sites that are either in the process of transformation or have been redeveloped into new uses that are revitalizing the surrounding neighbourhood. Through the self-guided Brownfields Discovery Tour, you can learn about these fantastic examples of how vision and perseverance can result into transformative change!

There are multiple ways you can to take the self-guided Brownfields Discovery Tour:

  1. On your tablet or phone, you can link to an online interactive story map where you can read more information and view various historical photographs while you visit the site in person! (Please note: the Story Map will require access to wifi or cellular data).
  2. You can view the online story map from home on your tablet, phone, or desktop computer, and visit the sites at a later date.
  3. If high-tech is not your thing, no problem! You can download a pdf version of the Brownfields Discovery Tour and view this document from home or print it and take it along with you.