Projects & Initiatives 

The Projects and Initiatives area provides information about City of Brantford on-going or recently completed projects, plans and strategies.

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The list below features recent updates to the City's ongoing projects and initiatives.

UPDATES: New Park Development Online Survey
We would love your input about what features you would like to see in the new park. It's important that the development meets your needs. We encourage your input the following ways;
UPDATES: Playground Renovations 2016 Update
Park planning has been completed and construction for all five parks originally scheduled for fall of 2016 has been re-scheduled for the spring of 2017. Pending ground thaw and favourable construction conditions.
Healthy Kids Community Challenge
Our community is one of 45 across Ontario proudly taking part in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge to promote children’s health through physical activity and healthy eating.
Remediation Update: November 2016
The soil remediation program is completed! To date, 148,900 cubic metres of contaminated soil has been excavated. Of this 35,740 cubic metres (24%) was above the original remediation estimates.
Partnership for Prosperity - City County Boundary Adjustment
City of Brantford 2017 Boundary Adjustment
Official Plan Envisioning Our City 2041
The First Draft of the new Official Plan is now complete and ready for review.
Parks and Recreation Master Plan
Your input is important to ensuring the Master Plan reflects the needs of Brantford residents. What do you think the current priorities are for recreation in the city? The survey is now closed
Downtown Brantford: Partnership Driven Revitalization
Downtown Brantford is an ongoing success story. As one of 25 Ontario “Urban Growth Centres”, the City of Brantford has proven that strategic partnerships are an excellent way of revitalizing a downtown core.
Economic Development Strategy - Review and Update
The City of Brantford is reviewing and updating its Economic Development Strategy in 2016.