Municipal Cultural Plan Update 

For more information about the Municipal Cultural Plan, contact:
Sara Munroe
Arts & Culture Coordinator
Economic Development & Tourism
519-751-9900, ext. 219

What's New

The Municipal Cultural Plan working group has completed a final draft of the Municipal Cultural Plan Update. The completed Plan was presented to Council's Committee of the Whole - Community Services on Monday, May 12, 2014 and received final approval by City Council on Monday, May 26, 2014. 

Click here to download a PDF document of the Municipal Cultural Plan Update.


The City of Brantford's first Municipal Cultural Plan (MCP) was adopted in 2005, and has guided the development of cultural programs and policies over the past nine years.

Many of the goals identified for the arts and culture sector in 2005 have been achieved.  The Municipal Cultural Plan Update was updated in order to respond to the changing needs of our community and provide direction for the future. 

What is a Municipal Cultural Plan?

The Municipal Cultural Plan provides a framework within which the City of Brantford supports arts, culture and heritage. It also identifies goals and objectives for the development of the cultural sector over the next five years.

The City of Brantford updated its Municipal Cultural Plan in 2014.  The process was led by the Brantford Cultural Advisory Committee and its Municipal Cultural Plan working group, in consultation with City staff and community stakeholders.

Why Do We Need a Municipal Cultural Plan?

Municipal cultural planning in Ontario has developed rapidly in the last few years, as cities look to the creative economy and cultural industries to enhance and diversify their economic base and create desireable places to live and work.  Culture is a broad term that includes the arts, cultural industries, and heritage.  The Municipal Cultural Plan can impact cultural industries such as music, theatre, dance, visual arts, libraries, literary arts, film, television, galleries, media arts, recording, publishing, oral traditions, archaeological sites, archives, museums and more.

As Brantford grows and develops, so does our cultural community. In order to ensure that the Municipal Cultural Plan helps support this growth, we needed to respond to the needs of the community by updating the goals and objectives, as well as ensure that the Plan would be compatible with the City's other plans and policies.

Community Participation

Cultural planning is an inclusive process and all who wished to participate and/or have input into the Plan were encouraged to do so. Beginning in May 2013, the Municipal Cultural Plan working group sought community feedback in a variety of ways, including:

  • online surveys;
  • public meetings (June 15 & August 8, 2013 and February 25, 2014)
  • community outreach events;
  • presentations; and
  • stakeholder interviews. 

This feedback has been incorporated into the proposed updated goals for the plan, which was approved by City Council in May 2014.

Proposed Goals of the Municipal Cultural Plan Update

There are five proposed goals for culture contained in the Municipal Cultural Plan update:

  1. Improve and develop marketing and information resources to better communicate the value and availability of culture in Brantford
  2. Encourage capacity building by supporting the growth and development of local not-for-profit cultural organizations 
  3. Provide and develop space for cultural and artistic activities
  4. Foster the participation of all citizens in arts, heritage, and cultural experiences
  5. Create an environment where arts, culture and heritage flourish, enhance civic pride, and function as an economic driver for the community 

There are 34 additional strategic identified to assist in the implementation of these goals.  For more information, the full Municipal Cultural Plan Update is available for download as a PDF document at the bottom of this page.


More information about the changes to the City of Brantford's Municipal Cultural Plan can be obtained by contacting the Economic Development & Tourism Department.

Sara Munroe, Arts & Culture Coordinator
Economic Development & Tourism
519-751-9900, ext. 219

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