Intensification Strategy & Implementation Plan 


What is Intensification:

Intensification is the development of land at a higher density than currently exists through redevelopment, development of vacant and/or underutilized lots in developed areas, infill development and the expansion or conversion of existing buildings including the reuse of former industrial and commercial sites.

Is there a Benefit:

Intensification can strengthen our neighbourhoods by creating opportunities for the provision of additional or upgrades to community services, roads and infrastructure and by increasing the support network for local commercial business. Intensification can also lead to the more efficient use of existing land and infrastructure.

The Challenge:

How do we ensure that intensification projects are compatible and sensitive with existing neighbourhoods and that they will strengthen our neighbourhoods for the benefit of the community?

Why the Study:

To identify opportunities for potential intensification throughout the City with the intent of developing a Made in Brantford strategy which will reflect the unique characteristics of the City and establish policies to assess the compatibility of intensification projects which may be considered in established neighbourhoods.

What Lands:

All lands in the City are What Lands: All lands in the City are subject to this study. The study will focus on areas already identified in the Official Plan for Intensification (i.e. Urban Growth Centre (Downtown Area); and Intensification Corridors located along major roads). It will also examine the potential for intensified development in existing areas including greyfield and brownfield sites across the City. Click to open Intensification Strategy PDF Questionaire

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