Why this study is being conducted? 

The Places to Grow Growth Plan (P2G) for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) is based on a planning horizon to 2031. The policies of the plan are intended the help municipalities in the Greater Golden Horseshoe manage the high levels of growth that are forecasted. Between 2001 and 2031, the population of the Greater Golden Horseshoe will increase by approximately 3.7 million people (P2G, 2006). To accommodate the forecasted growth within the area, the Ministry of Infrastructure provided population and employment growth targets for affected municipalities. The forecasted targets for the City of Brantford’s total population and total employment are 121,000 (excludes census undercount) and 59,000, respectively, by 2031.

The City has seen intensification and infill development occur through recent development applications. These applications have been reviewed and processed under the current Official Plan policies and provincial legislation. Through the processing of these applications, local issued have been identified and dealt with on an application by application basis. Formalization of an intensification strategy is essential to address local issues, and provide guidelines and policy direction for future growth in the City of Brantford.