2007 Max Sherman 

2007 Inductee

Max Sherman

Max Sherman has served on Brantford City Council longer than any other present or previous member.  At age 83, December 1, 1997 Max ceased to be a Ctiy Councillor after 31 years of service on Brantford City Council (29 years as Alderman and two as Mayor of the City).  His active life of dedication to the community as a volunteer, however, continued.  Max was involved with the Brant United Way, the Community Race Relations Committee, Probus and volunteer fund raising for one of his favourite institutions - the John Noble Home. 

One of Max's fondest memories goes back to the official opening when he stood next to John Noble, after whom the Centre was named.  He has served on its Committee of Management for most of his time on Council.  Max's proudest achievement is the building of the Civic Centre.  He promised an arena when he ran for Mayor in 1957 and over time he delivered on that commitment.  He set the wheels in motion during his two year term as Mayor (1957-1958) and then followed up persistently as an involved and dedicated volunteer citizen, making sure that the funds were raised and that the building was constructed and opened for community use. 

In the 1950's the Grand River was an open sewer with effluent from our City and other communities flowing untreated into the river.  With the backing and support of local anglers and conservationists, Max consistently championed the cause of  proper sewage treatment facilities.  One of Max's pleasurable duties as Mayor was to pull the lever to start construction of the City's Sewage Treatment Plant.  Yet, in his many years at City Hall - especially when he served as Chairman of the Finance and Executive Committees - Max always exercised diligence and care in the spending of tax dollars. 

Max had extensive experience in the world of business, but he often was heard to say, "You can't run City Hall like a business, but you must run it in a business-like manner."  By that statement he demonstrated that he understood the need to provide services to the people.

Induction Ceremony was held on June 30, 2008.