Rick Weaver 

Ward 1 Councillor Rick Weaver

Ward 1 Councillor

City Hall
100 Wellington Square
P.O. Box 818
Brantford, Ontario
N3T 5R7

(226) 388-1623 cell
(519) 759-7840 fax

Email Rick Weaver (rickweaver@brantford.ca)


I have lived in Brantford most of my life.  My family moved to Brantford from Hamilton in 1977 when I was four years old.  I currently live on McGuiness Drive in ward 1 with my wife Anna-Marie to whom I have been happily married since 1999.

I am a public servant, I’m employed as a Provincial Enforcement Officer with the Ministry of Labour where I enforce health and safety law.  In 2012 I was elected as Chair of the Ministry of Labours Employee Relations Committee by peers from across the Province where I advocated for members by representing them in discussions with the employer (Ontario Provincial Government).  My two year term ended on November 30th, 2014.  As a Ontario Public Service Employee Union (OPSEU) member I continue to fight for a livable minimum wage and for improvements in WSIB, injured worker rights and health and safety improvements for all workers.

Previous Community Involvement

  • Vice President of Shellard Neighbourhood Association 2009-2014
  • Shellard Neighbourhood Association member 2007-2014
  • Organized youth dances in ward 1 for youth in grades 5-8 with the help of the Optimist Club of Bran-Lyn
  • Worked with the Brantford Youth Council  & St. Leonard’s Community Services to put on events for youth in Brantford.  (Brantford Earth Hour, The Happening, Youth Drop in, Youth Action Circle)
  • Chair of the City's Multi-Use Trails and Bikeway Advisory Committee
  • Member of Parks, Recreational and Waterfront Advisory Committee
  • Founding member of the Brant Cycling Club
  • Worked with many bike clubs across Ontario to build and maintain bike trails

My Goals

  1. I plan on continuing to meet with constitutes in Ward 1.  Starting January 2015 I plan on visiting a different part of the Ward each month so I can talk with as many of the residence as I can.  You deserve someone that shows up!
  2. I will work with the rest of council to come up with a solution to the traffic issues.  In the future it is only going to get worse so we need to start to fix this issue now.  It is not a Ward 1 issue, it’s a city of Brantford issue.
  3. The Southwest Sports Complex/Community Centre is moving forward.  I will work with the residents of Ward 1 to make sure their wants and needs are included in this project.  A Taskforce will be set up immediately that will have participants from the stakeholders so we can work together to make this project a reality.
  4. As the council representative on the Multi-Use Trail and Bikeway Advisory Committee I will continue to advocate for improved trail and cycling infrastructure.  Trails support an active lifestyle that improves health. Physical activity helps prevent heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, colon cancer and depression.  An increase in physical activity can save millions in health care spending. Physical activity also reduces stress and improves mental health.
  5. Reducing Vehicular Speed on Residential Streets is something I heard a lot about during the 2014 campaign.  I will work with Council, City Staff, Police and the neighbourhoods to come up with workable solutions to this issue.