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Brantford's City Hall Building

Whether you need to access municipal information or just want to learn more about Brantford, you can find it here in our virtual City Hall. Find information on Brantford’s bylaws and municipal code. Take some time to read the biographies of City Council members or retrieve minutes and agendas from Council and committee meetings. Access budget, taxes and assessment services, along with other interesting financial facts.

Need to find someone within the City? No problem - browse through the Administration and Structure section to get a complete list of City contacts and phone numbers.

Customer Service Excellence: Brantford's Customer Service Strategy 2013

Brantford's Customer Service Strategy 2013

At the City of Brantford we value our customers, both internally and externally. We are committed to providing customer service excellence while serving all customers in all aspects of our business.

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Shaping Our Future 2010-2014: Brantford's Community Strategic Plan

Together, we have created a vision.

To make it a reality requires that we achieve the goals we set – through undertaking specific, identified actions. Our Community Strategic Plan provides clear direction and outlines these strategic actions, and will evolve through a number of initiatives.

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Community Involvement Framework 2012

Committed to Engaging and Informing Citizens.

The City of Brantford recognizes the importance of involving citizens in the development of policy, programs and services. Community involvement is also the basis for building healthy, strong and inclusive communities.

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