City Clerk's Department 

City Clerk & Director, City Clerk's Department

The City Clerk is a statutory position prescribed by Section 228(1) of the Municipal Act whose duty it is:

  • to record, without note or comment, all resolutions, decisions and other proceedings of the council;
  • if required by any member present at a vote, to record the name and vote of every member voting on any matter or question;
  • to keep the originals or copies of all by-laws and of all minutes of the proceedings of the council;
  • to perform the other duties required under the Municipal Act or under any other Act; and
  • to perform such other duties as are assigned by the municipality.

Charlene Touzel, City Clerk/Director of Clerk's Services
(519) 759-4150 ext. 5714

The City Clerk’s Department consists of 15 full-time employees and is structured into three primary areas of responsibility:

Legislative and Council Support Services

The primary roles and responsibilities of this Division include:

  • Preparation of Council and Committee agenda packages and supporting documents.
  • Attendance at meetings of Council and Committees requiring the taking of minutes and giving of advice on procedural matters.
  • Communication of Council decisions and directives to the Department’s clients.  
  • Providing administrative and clerical support services to Councillors as required.
  • Ensuring the municipality’s compliance with Provincial Legislation as it relates to Council and Committee processes and access to municipal records.

Chris Gauthier, Deputy Clerk/Manager, Legislative Services
(519) 759-4150 ext. 5713

Licensing, Administrative and Regulatory Roles

The primary roles and responsibilities of this Division include:

  • Administration of the City’s Business Licensing Program.
  • Administration of Lottery Licensing for the City.
  • Coordination of Dog Licensing and Animal Control Enforcement.
  • Conduct of Municipal Elections.
  • Providing corporate printing, mailing and courier services.
  • Providing an effective records management system for the Corporation.
  • Vital Statistics Registration for the Municipality.

Tanya Daniels, Deputy Clerk/Manager, Licensing & Administrative Services
(519) 759-4150 ext. 5715

Corporate Insurance and Risk Management Services

The Clerk’s Department is responsible for the City’s Corporate Insurance and Risk Management Program, which includes:

  • Managing the insurance program provided by the City’s external insurance provider.
  • Co-ordinating risk management training across the Corporation.
  • Investigating and responding to all Claims received by the Municipality.
  • Working with the City’s contracted insurance adjustor to ensure that all claims falling within the Municipality’s deductible limits are promptly addressed.
  • Providing recommendations on the appropriate settlement of Claims.
  • Liaising with Legal Counsel handling the management of claims on behalf of the Municipality’s Insurer.

To make a direct claim against the City of Brantford you may submit a letter or email to the following:

City of Brantford
100 Wellington Square
Clerks Department
Corporate Insurance and Risk Management Services
P.O. Box 818
Brantford, Ontario
N3T 5R7

Your letter or email should describe what was damaged, how it happened, the time and date it occurred and where the incident took place or the circumstances that led to you making a claim against the City. Additionally, please identify any contractors, equipment and/or operators if applicable. Remember to include your name, address, and telephone number.

Another method of submitting a claim is to complete the online Notice of Claim Form accessed here. Electronic forms can be submitted via email to, or alternatively, mailed or delivered to City Hall Clerks Department in person.

Once your claim has been received, an investigation will be started that may include visiting the incident site as well as obtaining relevant documentation and speaking to employees and/or contractors who may have knowledge of the situation. Once the investigation is complete, you will be notified of the results in writing. The City of Brantford provides compensation only when it is legally liable for the damage sustained.

Click to view the Property Damage Information Brochure (PDF).

Deana Solomon, Claims and Insurance Analyst
(519) 759-4150 ext. 5725