Community Event Signage 

Mobile Signs

The City has designated 6 mobile sign sites for non-profit and charitable organizations, community groups, and community based public institutions and agencies to use to promote community events and programs. There is no rental charge for the sites, however user groups are required to retain the services of a mobile sign contractor. The mobile sign contractor will invoice user groups for the sign rental. All sign contractors must meet the insurance requirements outlined in Schedule “A” in Administrative policy No. 78.
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Street Wide Banners

The City of Brantford recognizes the importance of Special Events to both the City and County of Brant, and therefore has provided for street-wide banners for the purpose of promoting community events, which enhance tourism, contribute to the local economy and support the well being of local citizens.
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LED Sign at Brantford Visitor & Tourism Centre

The City of Brantford provides the electronic Light Emitting Diode (LED) sign for communication of special events information to Brantford residents and visitors. The City of Brantford views the LED sign as a valued public service promoting special community events taking place within the geographic boundaries of the City of Brantford and its strategic tourism partners, the County of Brant and the Six Nations / New Credit Marketing Collective.
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