La Landscape de Kanata 

Lawren Harris and the Group of Seven’s paintings of the north are synonymous with what it means to be Canadian. “La Landscape de Kanata” uses this relationship as a starting point to celebrate Lawren Harris’ life and work, his hometown of Brantford, and the importance of the “Land” to the diverse groups of people that call this place home. In this piece we have tried to bring these histories together, in a contemporary context, one that broadens the scope of the connection between the landscape and our evolving Canadian identity.

In the spirit of community and collaboration, this project set out to share the public commission with as many people as possible. It features a portrait of Lawren Harris by Jason Dong amidst a symbolic group of seven, where each figure was conceived and created by a different local artist. Each artist decided who their figure would be, basing that choice on the story of Lawren Harris, the histories of Brantford and/or Canada, and our connections to the natural environment. In doing so, the “group gathered around the fire” illustrates a diverse cross-section of the people and cultures that call this place home.

Lawren Harris’ contribution to Canadian culture speaks to the reverence of the natural landscape that he loved, an appreciation shared by all those who have inhabited and experienced it, past and present.

This piece was created by Dave Hind and the Aluminum Quilting Society, Jason Dong, Thomas Anderson, Bonnie Whitlow, Ralph Heather, Shana Elijah, Daniel Hill, Arlene Laskey, Steph Jacobs, Andrea Flockhart, plus many more artists and participants from the community.

La Landscape de Kanata was made possible with assistance from the Province of Ontario, the City of Brantford, Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant, Brant Community Foundation, The Crew, Murky Productions, and Brooks Signs.