Featured Artist 

Nominate a Featured Artist!

Is there an artist or artistic group whom you would like to see recognized, whether it be for their ingenuity, creativity, hard work, perseverance, or other admirable or remarkable quality? Nominate them to be a Featured Artist!

Artists from any kind of creative activity may be considered. This includes, but is by no means limited to: painters, sketchers, comic artists, sculptors, designers, paper crafters, floral arrangers, dancers, choreographers, actors, directors, singers, musicians, composers, conductors, musical arrangers, sound technicians, sound artists, authors, poets, playwrights, buskers, creative makeup artists, spoken word artists, illustrators, photographers, film artists, digital artists, culinary artists, weavers, embroiderers, knitters and other fiber artists, wood workers, artistic decorators, heritage, traditional, or modern artisans and crafters. This list is intended to broaden the interpretation of “art” beyond a person with a palette and paint brush, and is not meant to be exhaustive!

Nominees will be sent an interview form, which they are welcome to fill and send back to us. Valid and complete entries will be selected at random to be the Featured Artist. Featured Artists will be notified by email prior to their entry being posted on the webpage.

Interview forms can be requested and submitted by emailing culture@brantford.ca or contacting the Arts & Culture Coordinator at 519-751-9900.

Current Listings