Brantford Brant Community Profile 

Brantford Brant Community Profile 2011

The release of data from the 2011 Census and 2011 National Household Survey (NHS) by Statistics Canada provides a unique opportunity for us to view the composition and components of our community in a different light. While the volume of data captured in the Census and Survey makes it difficult to provide ongoing (i.e. monthly or annual) measurements of most statistics, the information gives us a detailed snapshot in time of our community. The depth of information provides insights at both the municipal and neighbourhood level. Statistics Canada has subdivided our community into 30 different census tracts–21 for Brantford, 8 for the County of Brant, and 1 for Six Nations.

This report localizes the Census and NHS data and presents it in manageable and meaningful ways. Instead of providing a cross-sectional comparison of particular factors or measurements, the collective character of a community (i.e. census tract) is presented. This approach seeks to ground the data in tangible ways for the reader. Understanding the composition of a particular area of the community can paint a more realistic picture of the community we call home.

Brantford Brant Community Profile 2009

Brantford Brant Community Profile 2009 has as its primary objective the generation of discussion on:

“What Makes a Great Community?”
“Are We There Yet?”
“What ideas / programs /services will get us there?”

The Brantford Brant Community Profile 2009 is intended to create awareness and generate discussion between residents and in social service organizations. The report builds upon a history of previous social planning reports in Brantford-Brant County to introduce some quality of life indicators and update the demographics from the 2006 census. Individuals, organizations, and policy makers can use these indicators to become familiar with Brantford and the County of Brant neighbourhoods.

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